Using the ArUco ROS package.
Calibrate the camera first:
There are three launch files:
double.launch # to detect multiple markers
single.launch # to detect a single marker​
For single.launch, use the following code:
<arg name="markerId" default="582"/>
<arg name="markerSize" default="0.034"/> <!-- in m -->
<arg name="eye" default="left"/>
<arg name="marker_frame" default="aruco_marker_frame"/>
<arg name="ref_frame" default=""/> <!-- leave empty and the pose will be published wrt param parent_name -->
<arg name="corner_refinement" default="LINES" /> <!-- NONE, HARRIS, LINES, SUBPIX -->
<node pkg="aruco_ros" type="single" name="aruco_single">
<remap from="/camera_info" to="/stereo/$(arg eye)/camera_info" />
<remap from="/image" to="/stereo/$(arg eye)/image_rect_color" />
<param name="image_is_rectified" value="True"/>
<param name="marker_size" value="$(arg markerSize)"/>
<param name="marker_id" value="$(arg markerId)"/>
<param name="reference_frame" value="$(arg ref_frame)"/> <!-- frame in which the marker pose will be refered -->
<param name="camera_frame" value="stereo_gazebo_$(arg eye)_camera_optical_frame"/>
<param name="marker_frame" value="$(arg marker_frame)" />
<param name="corner_refinement" value="$(arg corner_refinement)" />
camera_info needs your calibration parameters
image needs image from the camera, the topic should probably be \usb_cam\image_raw
-> Download markers from here​.
Points to note:
  1. 1.
    /camera_info needs to get calibration parameters
  2. 2.
    /image needs image input from the camera, the topic to subscribe to should probably be \usb_cam\image_raw
-> Launch using roslaunch aruco_ros single.launch
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